You never know who you might be talking to.

I recently visited a site to carry out an internal audit for a client. The site was a university complex where a large delivery of equipment was being made.

Whilst monitoring the health and safety procedures and arrangements for this particular delivery, I was asked to act as a “look out” to prevent access or egress during the unloading of the equipment . During the lift a gentleman tried to gain access to part of the university that was obstructed by the crane operation. I politely but firmly stopped his access explaining why I was denying him access to the other part of the university.

Thankfully he was very obliging and .understood the purpose for the restriction. He also then advised me he was the Health and Safety Representative for the university and was very pleased to see that sensible health and safety controls were being applied by the sub-contractor and that permits issued by him were being correctly enforced.

Always remember keep professional.