Have you thought about First Aid Cover?

Working additional shifts?

Whilst it is always welcomed that additional shifts generally mean increased orders and customer demands some of the basic thinking goes out of the window.

When additional work is necessary when it comes to health and safety, nothing should be ignored and in fact greater controls should be considered especially if night shifts are being implemented or considered.

If you are working nights, or weekend work make sure you review your risk assessments and in particular that you have adequate First Aid cover and emergency procedures are in place and practiced.

Emergency Procedures
As with any normal day shift, there should be emergency procedures to deal with unplanned events and emergencies such as fire, explosions, major releases of chemicals or gases.

It is no use thinking just because the controls are known by the day shift staff that it they are automatically known by the night shift staff. Training is paramount to ensure everyone knows what to do and where to go in an emergency.

Similarly other factors may need to be taken into consideration such as cleaners and maintenance working on site (who may not be seen during the day), additional transport may be delivering or collecting goods, visibility in areas of the business may be obstructed during the night etc.

Does your Fire Risk Assessment cover night shift work, can the #emergency services access all of the site ?