As we all go about our working day how often do we take short cuts because we need to get the job done ?. Do we always think of the consequences if our “short cut” goes wrong.? Do we challenge poor health and safety practices ? If the answer is no, then may I urge you to watch a video produced by Jason Anker. He has sustained a life changing injury and goes round companies delivering a thought provoking presentation about how his injuries have affected him, his family and friends.

He offers 5 seconds for you to think before you make the decision to take the shortcut or to challenge the unsafe working activities.

We have to strive to get the message across that injuries and ill health are avoidable so give yourself 5 seconds to think before you decide to take a risk or stay safe.

Video can be found on Youtube and putting in p2bs in the search box.

Jasons talks are interesting and make you think how would an accident or ill health affect you, your family and friends. Its certainly had a massive effect in his life. Don’t let accidents ruin yours. Think for 5 seconds.