Under the Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health regulations it is essential to know what workplace exposure levels (WEL) the workforce is being exposed to.

When do you need to monitor?

Monitoring is appropriate:

when you need to show compliance with a (Workplace ExposureLimit) or BMGV ( Biological Monitoring Guidance Value)
when you need to show that control equipment or personal protective equipment is working well enough

Monitoring can also indicate the spread of contamination, eg surface wipes.

Screening, eg colorimetric detector tubes, meters, provides indicators of worker exposure only.

Personal air monitoring measures how much of a substance the worker inhales.

Biological monitoring measures how much of
a substance has entered the body.

Air monitoring is extremely important in high risk activities such as asbestos, or worming in dust contaminated air such as a timber yard.

Guidance on ways to do the monitoring can be found in G409 at www.hse.gov.uk.

For information on the levels and limits of exposures for all chemicals and associated products reference should be made to the EH40 document available at www.hse.gov.uk.


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