stress management and workplace wellbeing

Stress Management and Workplace Well-being

Confederation of British Industry (CBI) research indicates that companies with a pro-active approach to workplace well-being benefit from a 26% reduction in absence levels, a 25% improvement in staff morale and a 25% improvement in productivity. Office for National Statistics (ONS) research has identified the average worker in the UK in 2013 had 4.4 days off sick, the top 3 reasons being: Back / neck pain, minor coughs and colds and stress and anxiety.The UK average salary (2014) is £26,500 per annum, so based on an average of 233 working days per annum, each day lost due to sickness costs the UK employer £114 in lost salary, plus any costs incurred in backfilling that role on a temporary basis. Add on to that the additional productivity gained from having motivated and healthy staff and the benefits to your business could be considerable.

Consider the impact of stressed, unhappy employees on your business:

  • less productive (increased periods of inactivity such as breaks)
  • less motivated (not always willing to ‘go that extra mile’)
  • less enthusiastic with your customers

The potential impact is huge: just one customer lost to less than excellent customer service could have a huge impact on your business.


Recent research conducted by QSC partners demonstrates that:

  • When a person reaches the point of losing concentration, the harder they try, the less they achieve.
  • Releasing tension and having time to relax allows staff to feel less tired and more able to cope
  • Motivated employees are loyal, increase sales and are more productive

We offer tailored programmes to employers for their staff, which contribute towards a happier and healthier workforce. A happier, healthier and engaged workforce improves employee performance and productivity, which in turn will improve your overall profitability and reduce absenteeism.

QSC can offer a wide range of therapies and treatments in the workplace, including:

  • IMPACT Well-being
  • Belief Change and Empowerment Coaching
  • Stress Management Workshops

To maximise the benefits to your business, we will discuss the issues facing your business and staff, to develop a programme of support that maximises the impact and in addition the costs of our services can be offset against tax reducing your staff welfare costs.

For more information call QSC on 01889 881887 or email, to find out more details.

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