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DSEAR Assessments

The Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002  (SI 2002/2776) set minimum requirements for the protection of workers from fire and explosion risks related to dangerous substances and potentially explosive atmospheres. The Regulations apply to employers and the self-employed at most workplaces in Great Britain where a dangerous substance is present or could be present.

Employers must:

  • Find out what dangerous substances are in their workplace and what the risks are
  • Carry out a suitable and sufficient risk assessment and put control measures in place to either remove those risks or, where this is not possible, control them
  • Put controls in place to reduce the effects of any incidents involving dangerous substances. An important principle is to separate storage areas from process areas where the two occur on the same or shared premises. Employers will find generic information on the storage of dangerous substances in other HSE and non-HSE guidance. In contrast process activities are, by their nature, very variable, and the employer should consider these in much more detail and apply the principles of risk assessment themselves as there may be less guidance available.
  • Prepare plans and procedures to deal with accidents, incidents and emergencies involving dangerous substances
  • Make sure employees are properly informed about and trained to control or deal with the risks from the dangerous substances
  • Identify and classify areas of the workplace where explosive atmospheres may occur and avoid ignition sources (from unprotected equipment, for example) in those areas

For more details check the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002