noise assesment

Noise Assesment

The Control of Noise Regulations 2005 places a responsibility on every business to have suitable and effective controls in place supported by a suitable and sufficient risk assessment covering noise.

Noise is one of the most commonly reported injuries / ill health made by employees.

You will probably need to do something about the noise if any of the following apply:

the noise is intrusive – for example, as noisy as a busy road, a vacuum cleaner or a crowded restaurant – or worse than intrusive, for most of the working day;

your employees have to raise their voices to carry out a normal conversation when about 2 m apart for at least part of the day

your employees use noisy powered tools or machinery for more than half an hour each day;

your sector is one known to have noisy tasks, eg construction, demolition or road repair; woodworking; plastics processing; engineering; textile manufacture; general fabrication; forging or stamping; paper or board making; canning or bottling; foundries; waste and recycling;

there are noises due to impacts (such as hammering, drop forging, pneumatic impact tools etc), explosive sources such as cartridge-operated tools or detonators, or guns.

Did you know for every increase in noise levels of 3 decibels (db) this doubles the sound intensity. Putting it simply, you significantly increase the potential for hearing damage to the workforce.

QSC Ltd offer a full noise assessment of your business including training on the selection of the correct hearing protection and use, and storage of the equipment.

Don’t get caught out, make sure you have adequate controls in place and are compliant to all the applicable regulations.

So if you are looking for advice on noise controls, call QSC on 07900 558547, email, to find out more details.