As part of one of the key requirements of ISO 9001:2015 is customer satisfaction. This can be found under clause 9.1.2.

A lot of clients seem to struggle with identifying customer perception. Well if this is done correctly it can add useful information to your quality management system (QMS).

One of the most common ways is to send out a questionnaire. Unfortunately this is probably the least responsive way of getting information from clients on your company’s QMS, why ? Well do you ever fill out questionnaires that clients send to you ?

A better way of identifying the client feedback is by measuring the number of orders placed by regular clients against last years orders, and identifying the value and increase / decrease in orders placed. In the latter case, a telephone call or a visit to the client might identify if there are any areas of concern that might need addressing.

Other ways of carrying out customer satisfaction is measuring the number of complaints received and discussing issues with the client to see if there are areas of weakness that might be in need of improvement.

In certain businesses the number of warranty claims could be used to measure customer satisfaction, or even the number of bad debts you may be accumulating, which may be a direct cause of poor quality or other concerns.

So to conclude, there are a plethora of ways to measure customer satisfaction which do not have to be too complicated or difficult to do, but could well add value to the QMS.

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