Achieving ISO certification would help to attract customers..

Quality Systems Consultancy Ltd were first introduced to Majorsell Ltd back in 2014 following an enquiry regarding ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications.

A meeting with the Managing Director, Ms Deborah Burrows, was held and the processes of ISO implementation from concept through to full ISO 9001 / 14001 certification was explained.

At the time of the meeting, Majorsell Ltd were looking to gain access to marketing opportunities and felt that by achieving ISO certification would help to attract customers who recognised Quality & Environmental Standards, as well as improving their own in-house Quality Systems and improving the company’s Environmental impacts.

To achieve certification to the 2 Standards we started by carrying out a full Gap Analysis / audit of the companies Quality / Environmental System against the standard requirements. The results of the review identified areas that were fully compliant along with some core elements that required improvement.

We asked Majorsell to carry out a Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats assessment (SWOT), which helped them understand the external and internal issues that could affect the company’s Quality / Environmental Management System (clause 4.1). We then inserted the findings into a business risk / opportunity register to help the company to identify significant risks and opportunities (clause 6.1).

As the Standards require the identification of interested parties (clause 4.2), we suggested a number of such parties which were considered and added to the business risk assessment.

To complete the sections identified in the Standards under clause 4, we produced an integrated management system manual and wrote with Majorsell Ltd some basic processes to assist staff to follow. This identified all of the clauses with information on how the company complied with each requirement (s) identified in the clauses.

The scope pf the system was decided upon and documented in the IMS Manual (clause 4.3) along with any exclusions considered not applicable to the business.

With all ISO Standards written policies are required. We wrote a combined Quality and Environmental Policy (clause 5.2) which was authorised by the MD and are displayed on the company noticeboards and available to any interested parties.

To ensure that Majorsell achieved ISO certification, other key requirements of the standards meant that the company needed to create documents to demonstrate controls were being implemented which allowed evidence to be available for audit purposes. Typically, these included the introduction of job cards.

A legal register was created to ensure that all applicable environmental regulatory obligations were identified and allowed the company the ability to show compliance against each one. (clause 6.1.3)

Similarly, we produced an Aspects and Impacts register (clause 6.1.2) which addressed the company environmental impacts produced from the work carried out by the business. This document is one of several used for setting of environmental targets and objectives.

From the documents referenced above, the company set about setting targets and objectives (clause 6.2) to improve the company’s service to the customer whilst protecting the environment and reducing waste and improving efficiencies.

To ensure that the company was on track and that improvements were being implemented, feedback from customers was sought in many different ways (clause 9.1.2) and where weaknesses were received, improvements were implemented.

We suggested a process for recording nonconformities (clause 10.2) which includes root cause, corrective actions and follow up to check on corrective action suitability. This information was used to demonstrate the issues reported and the improvements made to resolve concerns.

Training for the staff (clause 7.2), on the new documentation and the purpose behind it was issued and feedback noted, and changes made where necessary.

The suppliers to the company have been reviewed (clause 8.4) for environmental commitment, health and safety compliance and quality of service / product supplied.

Suppliers are one of the key areas where Majorsell Ltd focus their efforts in ensuring a mutually successful relationship is implemented and maintained.

Suppliers are always reviewed at the Management Review meetings (clause 9.3)

To demonstrate the new additions to the system are being effective and as part of the requirement of the Standards we carried out internal audits (clause 9.2) against the whole management system. The auditing process requires thorough checks of the documented system and supporting evidence be produced to show how the system is implemented.

Any areas of weakness (known as non-conformities) are recorded along with the corrective actions taken to put things right.

Operational controls (how the company handles sales enquiries, production planning, testing of products etc) have all been documented in flow charts. This allows staff to check on areas they may be unfamiliar with and act as training aids.

Any equipment required for accurate measurement (clause 7.1.5) such as pressure gauges, verniers, micrometers, slip blocks etc are all fully controlled and checked on a regular basis.

Records are retained for the purpose of monitoring and recalling of gauges.

When all of the areas of the system had been written, documented and proven to work, Majorsell selected a UKAS accredited certification body to externally audit the companies processes and procedures against ISO 9001 and 14001, and after a successful audit were awarded certification to these 2 Standards.

If you require ISO Certification and the services of an ISO Consultant, call Andy Adams at Quality Systems Consultancy on 01889 881887 / 07900 558547 or for an informal and confidential discussion. Our head office is located in Staffordshire and we work throughout the UK (we also offer remote learning and classroom training).

    Andy, our ISO Consultant has 30+ years wealth of experience and knowledge, is a chartered member of IOSH and a fully qualified ISO Consultant and UKAS Auditor.

    ISO 9001:2015

    Achieving ISO 9001 involves a logical steps starting with a review of the standard against the system you are currently operating and noting strengths and weaknesses. We can help you review this area to build a program of improvements to meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

    ISO 14001:2015

    Achieving ISO14001 does not have to be hard work. With the right approach and  with top management commitment we can guide you every step of the way to ensure that your procedures are fully compatible with the requirements of the standard.

    ISO 45001:2018

    QSC Consultancy can offer a full Health & Safety System compliant with ISO 45001  the Occupational Health & Safety Management System. This system will assist you in managing Health & Safety Risks and facilitate legal compliance.

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