If you are looking for ISO 9001:2015 certification, you need to be able to demonstrate certain controls are being implemented and records are being retained.

Typical Quality Systems have the following documents in place :

A Quality Policy – This is a statement to show

the companies intent to meet customer requirements
whilst complying with legal and regulatory obligations
continual improvement in the quality system
The policy is a key document and should be communicated to all staff
It is normally signed by the Managing Director or CEO

As well as a Quality Policy other records that need to be kept are :

Business internal / external issues
Internal and external interested parties
Customer complaints
Corrective actions
Methods of communications
Calibration (where applicable)
Internal audit
Management review

If you are looking to drive improvements in your business but are not looking for a UKAS certificate, we can review your system and issue an in house certificate to show your system meets all the requirements of the standard.

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