ISO 9001:2008 / 14001:2004 to expire on 15th September 2018, Quality Systems Consultancy can help you.


ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2004 both expire on the 15th September this year and for your certificate (s) to remain valid, you need to review your current systems and implement new controls to cover the additional requirements of the new 2015 standards.

The standards have been reviewed and require companies to think about the business issues internally and externally, and decide upon processes and controls required to identify the risks and opportunities from the issues identified. As well as the issues, interested parties should be considered and specific requirements noted.

Leadership is another major requirement and the implementation of a revised system requires the top management involvement. It is not acceptable for the MD or CEO to simply sit in a Management Review and think that is sufficient.

The business needs to consider life cycle perspective and other environmental considerations over and above previous requirements.

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