ISO 45001:2018 is here and is a great way of getting your Health and Safety System to a new level.

The Standard will drive up Health and Safety Controls and Systems and provide the following benefits:

  • It will help you identify which legislation you have to comply with and set up programmes to ensure you are compliant.
  • The Standard can be integrated into your existing  Quality and Environmental Management System.
  • Allows for better identification of Hazards and Risk.
  • Facilitates continual improvement. Demands top management involvement,  helps reduce insurance costs, liability, etc. not to mention improving Health & Safety performance.
  • Transforms your operation from detection mode to prevention mode.
  • The benefits of implementing ISO are endless and when implemented correctly it provides the company with an effective tool that will show a return on investment. With continued increases in insurance premiums, increased injury claims and spiralling health care costs the question companies need to ask themselves is – can they afford not to implement ISO 45001?

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