How do I get rid of my chemicals / #Hazardous Waste?
If you are stuck with un-wanted chemicals and #hazardous wastes and want to get rid of them there are a number of things you should consider and do.

Where possible segregate and store each chemical / #hazardous waste in suitable containers and clearly identify what the chemical / waste is. Where practical bund the area where the chemicals or wastes are stored to prevent
Go on the EA web site and check the public register for waste carriers and contact a couple to get a quote to remove the chemical / wastes. They will want to know what the chemicals / wastes are with volumes so they can decide on the best methods of transport and to ensure any potential dangerous goods are catered for. The type of waste will also determine where it is taken to for disposal / recycling etc. If you have over 500kg you will need to register as a #hazardous waste producer with the EA (Not applicable in Scotland). This is an annual registration and you do not get any reminders.
When the chosen waste company come to collect the chemicals / waste, make sure you obtain a #Hazardous Waste Transfer Note (WTN) which should be fully completed with all the necessary details required under the #Hazardous Waste Regulations 2005 (amended). Make sure that the correct European Waste Code (EWC) and site SIC code are all recorded.
After the waste has been collected the waste carrier (transferor) should provide you with a quarterly return showing the final disposition of the waste and volumes etc. A number of companies don’t always remember to do this so you may need to chase up.
File the WTN for a minimum of 5 years and make sure they are easily retrievable. This is a legal requirement.
To help monitor your waste streams, you might want to consider implement #ISO14001

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