Asbestos was a material that has been used extensively in construction in the 1950 and 60’s. At the time it was considered to be the “Miracle Fibre”, but unfortunately it has subsequently been found to be a serious health issue and exposure to released asbestos fibres can lead to fatal diseases.

So what should you do ?

It is essential that if you own or rent a building that was built pre 2000, the chances are there may be asbestos present.and therefore an asbestos survey should be undertaken by a competent person.

The register developed from the survey should be used to identify areas of asbestos and a record for how the asbestos is treated and the controls in place to prevent its deterioration.noted.

Simply having a survey and doing nothing about any asbestos identified is not good enough to control asbestos.

Regular inspections of known asbestos areas should be made and a record kept of the condition and any signs of deterioration.dealt with by a professional asbestos company.

Don’t forget, any building work, maintenance etc must be fully planned to reduce the risk from disturbing asbestos.The asbestos register should be presented to anyone working in the building intending to do any maintenance or refurbishment.