Reporting of injuries,diseases and dangerous occurrences regulations 2013.

These regulations apply to every UK company and should always be consulted when a serious accident or incident has occurred or when someone has been off work for 7 days or more following illness or injury.

As well as accidents, certain diseases should be reported if the diseases have been caused by the work carried out at your employers. Examples of reportable disease are:

carpal tunnel syndrome;

severe cramp of the hand or forearm;

occupational dermatitis;

hand-arm vibration syndrome;

occupational asthma;

tendonitis or tenosynovitis of the hand or forearm;

any occupational cancer;

any disease attributed to an occupational exposure to a biological agent.

It is extremely important that these regulations are referenced following accidents in particular fractures (excluding fingers and toes), amputation,Any blinding and injuries causing reduction in sight are reportable when a doctor diagnoses that the effects are likely to be permanent plus other injuries.

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Please note, it is a criminal offence in UK not to report accidents that fall under RIDDOR and the responsible person (s) can be sentenced in a magistrates court and or in the Crown court with unlimited fines and possible imprisonment.