Following a substantial company expansion and the introduction of new processing equipment SPM found itself facing several new challenges. Along with managing the rapidly changing business, we had a requirement to obtain ISO14001:2015 in a relatively short period of time in order to secure future business.

Along with this, it was critical that all health and safety requirements were met and new recruits were fully trained as the workforce expanded. With the management team already stretched to its limits, we initially needed some guidance and assistance to help us achieve 14001 approval.

Following a general internet search we came across QSC consultancy. They were locally based and offered the services we required plus more. We contacted Andy Adams who at the time was very busy with little room in his calendar to meet with us. However, he agreed to come along during the weekend and carry out an initial benchmarking exercise and determine our best route forward.

Following on from this Andy has worked with us on a regular basis and we achieved ISO14001:2015 approval within the timeframe required (read earlier article).

We have since added to this by integrating our existing quality system and gaining approval to ISO9001:2015. We have found both Andy and Julie at QSC to be very professional but at the same time remaining approachable and willing to give extra assistance where required. Andy also has many contacts in both fields of quality and health and safety and can draw off their experience to cover any areas he may not specialise in himself.

SPM have formed a good working relationship with QSC, and Andy will now continue to work with us to strengthen our Health and Safety systems with a view to achieving OHSAS18001 approval or the replacement ISO45001 when launched.


Andy Seymour Quality Manager.