How To Choose Your Consultant

Like many of us we sometimes need some extra support from an external consultant or expert. But how do we choose the right person?

Well there are several questions to be asked which can help you make a decision.

1. Does the consultant come recommended ?

If someone recommends a consultant, this is usually because they have done a good job previously in a similar role to the one you are seeking assistance and is always the best way to select a consultant.

2. What previous work has the consultant done and are references available?

When you are in the process of trying to find a consultant and you have some people you are considering, ask who they have worked for previously and if you can contact their client directly.
Most professional consultants will welcome the opportunity for you to contact previous clients and will be more than willing to give you as much information you require.

3. What qualifications and / or experience has the prospective consultant got ?

Whilst qualifications are not the be all and end all, they do help to support the consultants knowledge and understanding. Experience counts for a significant proportion of being able to give accurate sensible advice, so a good balance should be checked between qualifications and expertise.

4. Location

It is always better to use a local consultant if possible to where you operate from, however if you are a multi site business you need a consultant who is prepared to travel.
Consistency is key to getting improvements into a business, and having a regular consultant going into your different businesses helps build confidence and familiarity and drives improvements.

5. Cost

As always, cost is going to be a factor. Typically an average day rate for a good consultant ranges from £300 to £1000 per day depending on specialisms and knowledge. Cheap is not always best. Some consultancy’s offer retainers. We at Quality Systems Consultancy Ltd offer a monthly retainer starting from £200 per month, which helps spreads the cost of consultancy, as well as giving the assurance to our clients there is someone available to help them with Health, Safety, Quality and / or Environmental requirements at the end of the telephone or email.

If you are considering using a consultant, give Quality Systems Consultancy a call now, and let us see how we can help you. Call 01889 881887 now.