The HSE issue annual statistics on the number of injuries, ill health etc.

You will see from the data below they don’t make great reading. However we can improve on these statistics by taking simple steps to reduce the risks from injury and ill health.

When was the last time you reviewed your risk assessments?

Are they just stuck in a folder on the shelf or are they an active document?

Are you waiting for an injury to occur or someone to report in a RIDDOR reportable illness before you update the risk assessments?

To get the best from any health and safety system you have to engage people and keep the whole system refreshed and up to date. Health and safety is all our responsibility and is part of our job not additional to it.

So take a step back from the day to day business and give yourself an hour to review your Health and Safety System. If you can honestly say to yourself “I have done everything that is reasonably practical” you have nothing to worry about. If not start making improvements IMMEDIATELY !!

*Key figures for Great Britain (2014/15)

*Courtesey of HSE.

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