Is your Quality, Environmental and/or Health and Safety system achieving your expectations?

Is your legal register up to date ?,

Are all the work instructions, risk assessments, safe systems of work documents, permits etc in use current up to date and being suitably monitored and applied ?

Is your Quality, Environmental and / or Health and Safety Policy suitably communicated to staff and beyond ?

If the answer is yes, you obviously have things under control and seem to be on top of your systems, great, keep up the good work.

If the answer is no, perhaps an audit of your system (s) would be beneficial, or maybe a gap analysis to see where the business strengths as well as weaknesses are and a programme of work set up to set about turning weaknesses into strengths.

Some businesses struggle to meet the every day challenges of regulatory compliance and some businesses don’t have any idea that they are meant to be complying with certain pieces of legislation / regulations.

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