Do you store oils or lubricants outside in your storage yard?

Are the drums or cans kept on a bund that can hold 25% of the total literage stored?

All too often Companies forget some of the basic storage considerations. If you are going to store oils etc outside place them on a bund capable of containing 25% of the total stored. This is a requirement of The Control of Pollution (Oil Storage) (England) Regulations 2001.

Also consider its location. Putting a bund next to a drain is not really good practice and if the bund is not protected from the weather, it is likely to fill up with rainwater and overflow. This would be an instant breach of the Water Industry Act, the Environmental Protection Act and could lead to you ending up in court facing potential massive fines for clean-up and criminal proceedings.

Ideally, store the oil indoors, where it can be better controlled. Train the staff in sensible safe storage of oils etc and practise spillage simulation to ensure the staff know how to deal with spills in an emergency.

Ensure the bunds are maintained and regularly cleaned out to ensure the integrity and capacity and don’t forget to retain the hazardous waste transfer note when the waste is collected for a minimum 3 years.

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